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jOIN OUR stem squad

We invite all middle, high school students and STEM enthusiasts to become a part of our team and help increase learning opportunities for younger students (especially girls) both locally and globally.

Likeable STEM | USA | Join Our STEM Team | Get Involved

Partner With Us

  • Lend a hand at our events, give back to the community.

  • Become a mentor to provide guidance and encouragement to younger students.

  • Sign up to be on our Advisory board.

  • Become a Likeable STEM ambassador and encourage more kids to get involved in the STEM field.


Likeable STEM | USA | Join Our STEM Team | Get Involved | Pen Your Thoughts | Write For Our Be Inspired Blog

Pen Your Thoughts

If you are interested in writing for our "Be Inspired" blog, please send us your article and we will do our best to get it published. If you prefer to do so, you can submit articles with just your initials, grade, state or country for privacy reasons.

Some topic ideas could be:

  • How did you start your journey in STEM?

  • How do you use STEM in everyday life?

  • How are you combining your passion with your area of interest?

Visit our "Be Inspired" blog to read the posted articles.


Likeable STEM | USA | Join Our STEM Team | Get Involved | Teach For Us

Teach for Us 

  • If you are a science enthusiast, a maker, interested in coding, and you are great at working with and instructing kids, contact us to teach part-time.

  • Our training sessions are held after school hours, online and weekends.

  • Organizations can partner with us to conduct our workshops.


Likeable STEM | USA | Join Our STEM Team | Get Involved | Support Us | Make an Impact | Empower

Support Us

  • Help us make a positive impact in our communities and empower students by supporting us through sponsorships or by donating to our cause. 

  • We are proud supporters of FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) whose mission is to support and find a cure for millions of kids and individuals suffering from life-threatening food allergies.

  • A portion of your payment towards any of our paid courses and any money collected through fundraising is donated to FARE.

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