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Likeable Science

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Lab Safety Rules
Before you learn about science, the first thing to know is how to stay safe in the lab.
Acids and Bases
It's all about that base, but don't forget the acids! Learn about acids, bases, and the ph scale!
Ionic vs. Covalent Bonds
Learn about the difference between atomic bonds. Check out this ionic vs covalent bond rap battle!
Water Cycle
Find out how water cycles through our beautiful earth. Check out this water cycle rap!
Astronomy -The Future
Space. The final frontier. Check out the history of astronomy from the ancient times to present day!
Distance, Speed, and Time
You better take the TIME to view this video if you want to learn how to calculate distance, speed, and time!
Force and Net Force!
If you're a Star Wars fan, you know how to use The Force! But scientifically, what IS force? Lets find out.
Mass, Gravity, and Weight
Have you checked out your weight recently? Find out how mass, gravity, and weight affect the human body!
Types of Energy
Energy is all around you. Use your energy to click on this video and learn about the different types of them!
What is Heat?
Dang, it's hot it here! The temperatures are rising, so let's find out why! Click on this video to learn all about heat!
Physical vs. Chemical Changes Pt.1
The world is changing: both physically and chemically! Click here to learn about physical and chemical changes!
Physical vs. Chemical Changes Pt. 2
Here are some awesome experiments to test out your knowledge on physical and chemical changes!
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