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Program format

Likeable STEM | USA | How We Differ |

An online learning platform - Various channels for students interested in science, computing, and maker space projects.


Structured programs - Follows a roadmap for progressing to the next level of programming.


Show and tell - Workshops are taught in an interactive and fun manner. Students are given the opportunity to present their work and bring their own perspective to computer science through projects that we assign throughout the course.

Students who complete the program will receive a certificate recognizing their computing skills.

 Scheduling that suits you

Likeable STEM | USA | How We Differ | Scheduling that suits you | Online Classes | After School | Weekend Classes

On-site programs - Workshops are held on weekends, after school hours,

and during summer.


Online programs - Open to students who have a busy schedule, scheduling conflicts, or are unable to attend an on-site program. Online sessions are instructor-led. Students will be able to share the screen with the instructor and work on their own computers. 


Office hours - Free extra help. An instructor will be available online during office hours to help answer questions for students that have attended a program on-site or online. Office hours will be held on specific dates and times after completion of a program. Students will be notified of the office hours schedule at program completion.

Coding JAM sessions and events

Likeable STEM | USA | How We Differ | Scheduling that suits you | Computing Classes | Coding JAM | Sessions and Groups


Likeable Computing hosts events and coding JAM sessions for students and their parents to participate in, where they can have fun meeting and networking with fellow coders, and also present their own projects. 

Worshops are also held to celebrate major events such as Maker's Day, International Women's Day, Take Your Child to Work Day, etc.


Likeable STEM | Online Learning Platforms Available in New Jersey

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