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We are a team of students, industry professionals, and advisors who are passionate about the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field and are dedicated to educating, mentoring, and providing a platform for younger students.

We help students in upper elementary, middle, and high school, especially girls, to learn STEM in a fun, visual, and interactive manner. We are constantly striving to provide easy access to learning, and ongoing support for students interested in science, coding, and makerspace projects.




A fun, visual, learning platform that incorporates music, videos, and interactive methods to make learning STEM-related subjects less intimidating for students (especially girls) in upper elementary, middle, and high school. We focus on skill-based and real-world project training to help students gain hands-on learning for college and beyond.

our Social Cause...

We are proud supporters of FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) whose mission is to support and find a cure for millions of kids and individuals suffering from life-threatening food allergies. To learn more about the effect of life-threatening food allergies and FARE please visit www.foodallergy.org. A portion of your payment towards any of our paid courses and any money collected through fundraising is donated to FARE. 


Help us make a positive impact in our communities and empower students by supporting us through sponsorships or by donating to our cause. 

leadership team

Anesha Santhanam
CEO and Founder
Annika Santhanam
CTO and Co-Founder


Likeable Stem | Visual Learning | USA | Advisory Team | Doug Baldwin | Head of Technology | President | NJ Makers Day
Doug Baldwin
Head of Technology
Piscataway Public Library
President, NJ Makers Day
Likeable Stem | Visual Learning | USA | Advisory Team | Sharlene Edwards | Head of Children's Services
Sharlene Edwards
Head of Children's Services
Piscataway Public Library 

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